Gérard Gademann - Madness

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Acrylic Paint on 3 Blank Decks - Original

Gérard was born in 1984 and grew up in Montreux, Switzerland. Inspired by his numerous travels around the world with skateboarding  he began creating graffiti at a young age. His work comprises mainly a mix of spray paint, acrylic and marker mediums.

The shapes and colours stir up energy, emotions and faces which intermingle infinitely.

In contemplating these works, the observer is transported and inspired by the colourful shapes and the discovery of faces hidden within his paintings and other works.

The artist continues travelling as much as possible in order to spread his colours, to organise exhibitions, and to share his art with the next generation at ‘Street Art’ gatherings.

His art is not limited by framed borders, but extends to various other artistic creations, such as: Wall murals, Street Art workshops and Art Events.