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Edited by Wall Street Skateshop

With texts by Sebastien Carayol, Michaël Jason Plasse, Ed Templeton, Cairo Foster, Chris Miller, Steve Alba and others.

Over his lifetime, Michaël Jason Plasse collected stickers without ever sticking them. With more than five thousand stickers and documentations, this volume pays homage to an “unrepentant collector”, his wide interests and voracious curiosity.

A project by Michaël Jason Plasse, Johan Chanéac and Benoît Canaud.


The Authors

Jason is a passion, an archive, a space, a transmission, sharing, Jason is a meeting around the collection, the archive and skateboarding! Michaël Jason Plasse (skateboarder and founder of Wall Street), Johan Chaneac (graphic designer) and Benoît Canaud (graphic designer and designer of typographic character) today offers Jason.

The Project

Over 30 years of collecting
Since skateboarding exists, skateboard brands have

used stickers to promote their best skateboard graphics to ensure the designs were seen and remembered. Some of them for months, years, or for life. Mickel «Jason» Plasse, legend of the French Skateboard scene at the time chose «for life». He has been collecting stickers since 1988 and has never stopped. This means that 3 decades later, this guy from Lyon France has collected near 5000 skateboard stickers. Having spent some time in piles of skateshoe boxes hinting a strong smell of neoprene they are now collected in the 240 pages of this book.

A free promo object that kids would spend time finding the perfect place to fit it on their boards before ripping them to pieces in minutes on a bench or a sidewalk. These stickers, especially those from the golden years from 1980 to 1995, have become cult pop culture objects, hunted down by the passionate like gold.

Editing a collection
Rare and unique, Mickael Plasse’s collection had

never been correctly documented. It was a long and necessary adventure to take all these 5000 stickers one by one and in order to share this extraordinary collection of art work, a precious statement of the history of skateboard evolution.

This book offers to the collectors, the skaters, and the kids a way to rediscover or to discover a sequence of over 1100 stickers, over 40 brands that contributed to the skateboard industry. This collection does not contain every sticker done but
a carefully selected few that have marked our minds with passion for historical or graphical reasons. From the first collected by Jason to the ones from today.

Added to this unique anthology, preface by Sebastien Carayol, theorist and journalist, specialist in the skateboarding univers. An interview of Jason by Sebastien Cayerol on his pro years and the evolution of his sticker collection. And 10 interviews of pro international riders like Ed Templeton, Chris Miller, John Cardiel, Steve Alba, Fos... on their vision and their stories revolving around stickers and skateboards.

“Stickers are special because they take you back to a time when your a kid... they take you back to when you realize your in the tribe... trying to fit in with
all the kids who ride a plank of wood.” Steve Alba


Hard cover book, swiss binding with stapled block, 22.8 by 30.4 cm format with 240 pages (CMYK + selective varnish and screen printing).

Preface by Sebastien Carayol, Jason’s interview
by Sebastien Carayol and ten pro rider interviews like Ed Templeton, Cairo Foster, Chris Miller, Geoff Rowley, Jahmal Williams, Jeremy Wray, John Cardiel, Steve Alba, Fos...

Bi-lingual French and English translated by Sebastien Carayol.

Edited by Wall Street. Printed in Europe.

The book with packaging made from recycled skateboards by SpotWaste.

Jason is an adult Jason is a passion Jason is a skater Jason is a collection Jason is an archive Jason is a space Jason is a story Jason is a kid Jason is a transmission Jason is sharing Jason is a group of friends

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